Tuesday, December 2, 2008

From Cricket to Politics

Who said the game of cricket was devoid of politics?
The patrons of cricket in India and those concerned with the game surely have taken a back seat since the 26/11 Mumbai tragedy. Cricket in India witnessed series’ annulments and withdrawals. It all began with the unfortunate massacre which took place on the 26th of November, a date which no one will be able to forget. Indian cricket fans already began celebrations of yet another victory against the English side; however celebrations turned into mourning as firecrackers were replaced by gun-shots and hand-grenades. What followed next is known to all. The game of cricket too was affected by the devastating incident. England cancelled the remaining two ODIs whereas the unofficial Indian Cricket League cancelled the entire World Series tourney. It did not end over here. BCCI’S ever-ambitious Champions League tournament which was scheduled to begin in December was abandoned by the tourists.

As one of the officials rightly stated it’s no more about cricket. But, it doesn’t end over here too- The Indian tour of Pakistan is also in peril, now that it’s clear who was involved in the terrorist attacks.

Sports they say have no religion and no boundaries and are clear from any political conspiracies. So is this decision right or wrong? But history is evident to the fact that sports and politics go hand-in-hand. Can we forget the Munich slaughter in which countless Israeli athletes were killed by Palestinians during the Olympics? The question of our cricketers’ safety is another thing. But what about playing with a neighbour who has back-stabbed us countless times in the past? Then we can say that it’s certainly not about cricket anymore because no sport and nothing at all is important than the very safety of our country and vengeance against our enemies. Playing a cricket match with our so-called friends will be like ‘sleeping with our enemy’. Can we afford a further disgrace to our country? Can we afford to play a game against a country which is responsible for the deaths of countless Indians?

I am sure cricket fanatics all over India will agree that we should abandon each and every relationship with the neighbouring country. It’s time we took a tough stand against terrorism and dealt with it seriously. Let’s not allow the sacrifices of hundreds of people be washed-out in a cricket match, please learn to say no!!!

-Archer Akshay

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