Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Yes it’s that time of the year again. No I am not talking about the Budget session. I am talking about the eagerly awaited Filmfare awards and Oscars along with the most controversial day of the year- Valentines Day. That’s going to be the topic of discussion in our new blog including the infamous Mangalore Moral policing incident and review of Billu (not Baber).
Let’s go in a chronological order:

1.) Mangalore Pub Incident:

This incident has been talked about in the media for quiet a long time now and it’s no more a secret as to what happened that day. Moral policing brigade i.e. Ram sene members attacked female pub-goers because according to them this pub culture is deteriorating our youth. It’s the most inhuman and cowardless act in human history. Friends I would like your views on this incident. According to me there is nothing wrong with adults visiting the pubs provided they maintain certain decorum. And which country allows its people to beat up girls? Pathetic, disgusting and Immoral are the words which best describe Ram Sene’s act. It is pure Talibanism and political publicity in the name of moral policing. I hope you guys agree with me.

2.) Valentines Day:

Yes I agree it’s not a part of our culture, but still why should those celebrating this day be stopped? Thankfully, we didn’t have any untoward incident at least in Mumbai this time. But it was due to the added security cover. Moral policing brigades however ran havoc in other parts of our country and punished couples hanging out. Sometimes I feel India is a democratic country for namesake and it’s actually a handful of people who rule our country. Mob culture has spoilt the fun of living in India.
I truly hope better sense will prevail one day and we will be freed from the clutches of such publicity freaks.

3.) Billu Barber oops Billu Review ( Sorry Barber association oops again I mean Hairdressers’ association):

Firstly, a strict warning to all the viewers : Please don’t expect a lot from this movie because it’s a simple story set in a small hamlet and lacks the grandeur which is present in all SRK movies.
Billu Barber is a sweet story of love and friendship. Also, don’t expect the usual Priyadarshan kind of humour because this film doesn’t contain any senseless over-the-top humour which is present in all Priyadarshan movies. The performances are excellent and the movie truly belongs to Irfan Khan. His rendition of a poor barber tugs our heart strings. Lara Dutta too is surprisingly good and King Khan steals the show during the climax of the film. Great performances, Great cinematography, simple story, poor editing and good songs is how you can describe Billu.

Do watch it though because it’s worth a watch.

My rating ***

4.) The 81st Annual Academy Awards (22nd February)

The reason why I have included this Oscar discussion topic is not new to anyone in India. Slumdog Millionaire a movie shot in India with the help of Indian technicians is nominated in 10 categories and our very own A.R Rahman and Gulzaar Saab are nominated too. I agree that it doesn’t belong to India, but we can at least pray that Rahman wins. By the ways Slumdog has tough competition from Brad Pitt’s ‘Curious case of Benjamin Button’. Anyways let’s hope Slumdog wins many wards. Best of Luck and Jai ho!!!!

5.) Filmfare Awards: (54th annual Filmfare Awards)

Our very own prestigious Filmfare awards will be held on 28th of February at Yash Raj Studios, Andheri.
Guys and Girls do write in as to who do you think will win the Best film, Best actor and Actress awards.
I am keeping my fingers crossed for SRK. And I feel Jodha Akbar might win the best film award and the best actress award truly belongs to Piggy Chops Priyanka Chopra (Fashion).

That’s all for this month. I will write the next blog after the Filmfare Awards .Till than Happy Blogging and have a great time. Last but not the least, pray for SRK king Khan who is recuperating after his shoulder surgery. Come back soon SRK.

~ Archer Akshay