Monday, December 8, 2008

"Politician Chor Hai" "Attack Pakistan" "NSG Zindabad”!!!!!

"Politician Chor Hai" "Attack Pakistan" "NSG Zindabad”--- These were the few but most commonly heard slogans in the Peace Rally which took place on the 3rd of December’08 at the Gateway of India.
It seemed as if entire Mumbai was present to show their support.

People expressed their opinions by wearing t-shirts that proclaimed “I love Mumbai"!
I could see anger in their eyes, ready to take on the terrorists. No fear, just hatred against them.

People of all the ages were present to show their support and love for the city. Photographers, journalists, cameramen, police officials, everyone thronged to witness an epoch-making event.

Mumbaikars were livid with rage and openly showed their angst by shouting slogans and waving placards which comprised of one message: Enough is Enough.
But one thing which was indeed heart-wrenching and that was the way everyone was in tears and paid homage to the slain victims by lighting candles.

Approximately two lakhs Mumbaities were present there which included social workers, college kids, working professionals, bollywood celebrities and many more. The only people which were absent were our Politicians and it was actually a good thing because we would not have spared you selfish power-hungry “morons.”

Whatever may be the outcome of this rally; it was indeed great to see the spirit and unity among the people of Mumbai in spite of our diversities and troubled past. But I only pray, we remain united forever and our fight against the atrocities committed by the Govt. and terrorists persists. It’s about time we woke up from our slumber and protested for our constitutionally granted birthright – ‘a safe and secure society’.

But is this enough?
Will this stop terrorism?
Rallies are to portray anger and not to take action... Or are they??
There was some action post-rally like the resignation of R.R. Patil and Vilasrao Deshmukh.
But again some politicians were elected.
Will they make a Difference or be the same like other politicians???

Should we wait for our answers or for another terrorist attack? Or should we take some action?

Fire of Revenge is still burning in our soul.

Let this fire increase and destroy our enemies.

Let us- the future of India start a NGO which will fight against all the culprits which have brought shame upon Mumbai. (Politicians included).

Please Mail me at to help to open a NGO.


Some extra-ordinary slogans and placards witnessed in the rally:

We need thousand more Unnikrishnans in our country.

Declare Pakistan as a terrorist State.

Vilasrao Desh“Murkh”

Politician Chor Hai

Pakistan Murdabad

Questions that need to be answered:

Will India initiate action against the terror camps?

Why only two lakh people were present considering the fact that we have a huge population of 2 crores?

Shouldn’t we hold more rallies to show our distrust and protest towards the politicians?

Will one rally cause a change of heart in the politicians?

- By Akshata Vedak