Sunday, November 30, 2008

Who's Next

A series of Terrorist attacks which began since the Jaipur blasts in May earlier this year ended with the economic capital of India being targeted yet again. Only this time the Terrorists came out into the open and created a havoc that ripped through the heart of Mumbai. The faceless and the people behind the masks, as they were known earlier revealed their true identities without any fear and managed to kill hundreds of innocent people which included top officials too. Entire police personnel including commandos and Black Kats were engaged in a gruesome battle lasting 3 days. The losses which occurred during those 3 days can never be recovered. But even a more grievous wound was inflicted upon the souls and minds of the citizens of Mumbai.

Yes we have faced a lot – 1993 Bomb Blasts, 26th July floods, 2003 twin blasts and 7/11 Train Blasts – but the question that should be asked now is, how much more can we tolerate, how much more will we have to suffer? A person who leaves home for work in the morning is no more assured that he will return safely and a person dining out with his family might be eating his last meal. It is time we stop patting each other’s back and saluting the spirit of Mumbai and it’s time we start questioning the people responsible for our security and it’s certainly time that we are ensured a safe life in the so-called safest city of India.

Wake up Politicians and those responsible to protect us and realize that a meager relief amount of 3 lakhs cannot solve the problem because when a person dies in such an attack, it’s also the family which gets killed along with him mentally. Can you recover that loss? The answer is a simple but a thought provoking ‘No’! Instead of assuring each other that it’s over, the situation is under control now, we are asking ourselves – Who’s next? We are sitting ducks waiting to be killed by the heartless poachers. Let’s all stand united in this moment of peril and ask for some answers and make certain this is the last attack. Please no more now, spare us and do shield us.

- Akshay Rane


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Akshata said...

Its high time now. we are no more going to take this. Its time to take a concrete step. just talks are not enough.
youth of india should come together.