Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Followers Comments:

The following are a list of comments you guys have expressed during our conversation in orkut. These really gives an idea of what you'll have to say related to the recent tragic incident.

I asked Ketki Vanmali: What do u have to say about the entire tragic incident.Do you also think Pak is involved considering the fact that they themselves have been the victims of terrorist attacks ?

Ketki Vanmali’s reply:

It’s as simple as "destroying thousand houses in India and then destroying one or two in their own country just to show off...."

But hats off to our coastal security system... They allow any tom dick n Harry to enter without checking... WTF are they for... any one can still attack railways, malls. If they can provide tight security to Celebes, cricketers, politicians, then are we not humans... don’t we need tight full-proof security? Till now how many politicians and Celebes have been killed in terror attacks and how many common people have been victims of these attacks.But still.... you can see 4 - 5 guards outside Amitabh's bungalow but only 1 - 2 police guards at railway station... poor thing!!!

I asked Siddharth:
Why so much anger against Pakistan? (By the ways let me tell you guys Siddharth has been deeply affected by all this tragic events and has even started an anti-Pakistan community. Hats off to you man!!).

Siddharth’s reply: Pakistan sucks yaar............there is no way that this country can ever change…

Ojas Raut’s comments on the arrests of LeT leaders:

Arresting the LeT COMMANDER AND ALL SUCH THINGS ARE NOT going to change things. It should be followed by hot pursuits in Pakistan and destroying all the terrorist camps. India has to kill these bastards ASS......... because after arresting them there will be again some terrorist attacks to release these bastards.

I asked Hemal: What do you have to say about the entire tragic incident? What should we do to ensure our safety?

Hemal’s comments:

I really felt bad about the entire thing.
My school is going to have a rally done day to protest against these attacks.

I feel insecure at places like Juhu. I feel that
these terrorists should be handed over to the public.

Let us handle those heartless bastards.
They come to India damage us and themselves die

( Dear Politicians, Hemal is in ninth standard, yet he has more brains than you insensitive fools).

The above comments are an evidence to the fact that we people have had enough. Please, take a note of what we think about the system.

- By all of you.