Thursday, December 4, 2008

Political fiasco and resignations…

The week that was…..

Many things have been said so far regarding the devastating tragedy. And yes there were a few insensitive so-called human beings too, who were audible enough to voice their idiotic opinions on the mass human tragedy.

No points for guessing whom I am talking about- It’s no one else than our Safari coat- clad politicians who made statements after statements projecting their in-human side.
“The terrorists had planned to kill 5,000 but we managed to curb the tragedy and reduce the count till 200; incidents like this keep on happening in big cities; There is no need to resign as no one prior to me had given resignation whenever such a tragedy took place; developmental progress resulted in negligence of security measures” – these were the statements given by our beloved politicians. And the act which broke all limits was the infamous visit (stroll to be more precise) to the Taj with an actor-son and a director who is credited to inspire terrorists and underworld alike, with his so-called realistic films.

One thing I fail to understand – What is behind the powerful seat that manages to corrupt all the elected politicians. How can a person from a rural background (Sangli) make such heartless statements? Should we call it lack of education, ignorance or should we call it lack of a soul?

I am sorry but I am not ashamed to confess that, maybe I am not educated enough to understand such apathy towards the public. But things didn’t stop here. What followed are a series of resignations which kept piling over the desks of our Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh and congress President Sonia Gandhi. The first person who was sincere enough to accept his inability to curb terror attacks was our Home Minister Shivraj Patil.

My comment on his resignation: Sir, why so late? You should have resigned long back when our country was being bombed from all the sides by the terrorists. But you gave an obviously insensitive and meaningless statement after each attack.

After Jaipur Blasts he said: "Their aim (to create communal disturbances) has been thwarted. The people of Jaipur have not allowed their nefarious design to succeed,"

After Bangalore Blasts: "Anti-national elements have been trying to create panic among the people in our country".

After Assam Blasts: It is a handiwork of those who did not want peace to prevail.
Sir, even my eight-year-old neighbour would have pointed out the same.

But, we should congratulate Patil Sahib for finally accepting his responsibility and stepping down. And an even bigger applause for Mr. R.R Patil who finally accepted he cannot handle the designation. Also our adored Chief Minister who is a huge bollywood fan has also stepped down from the post following public protests.

Yeah, Yeah I will comment on the RGV meets Deshmukh incident too:

Dear Sirs, (yes I am talking to Ritiesh too), what was the reason behind your picnic to the Taj? For your kind information, it definitely isn’t any film location and these is certainly not the right time to pen a script on the incident; nor are you two filmi personalities authorized to be there.

Political gimmicks gone wrong:

Every politician in town tried to gain publicity from this terror attacks. They paid visits to the bereaved families and injured citizens and some even tried to donate charity to the martyr’s families. But a kind and humble request: please don’t hurt us more and as it is your words or money isn’t going to bring back the dead to life. Wish you would have paid more attention to your respective portfolios and responsibilities.

Final message to the men in power:

But the people are no more ignorant fools and won’t certainly be misled this time.
It’s time you politicians wake up or step down. Enough accumulation of wealth and power, it’s time you’ll do something for the public too. Stop passing the buck and accept your mistakes and think of a solution before its too late…

Questions that need to be answered:

Will this be the last terrorist attack in India?

Is the security going to be increased in the wake of these attacks?

Are the resignations of the ministers going to help?

Shouldn’t the ministers be punished for their remarks?

- Archer Akshay