Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy New Year???

First of all Happy New Year to all you guys and sorry from the bottom of my heart to write in a blog after such a long time. Well now without wasting any further time boys and girls let’s begin with today’s topic of discussion…. Happy New Year??Please don’t get confused. Yes that’s the topic of our new blog. And why not after all that we have suffered in the past year, are assured of a safe and joyful new year?

To those who have forgotten the happenings of the past year or suffer from a short-term memory loss like Mr. Aamir Khan; let me give you a quick flashback of the past year:

Following is a recap of the disastrous 2008:

5.) Financial crisis takes the world by a storm and devastates the economy of major countries.

4.) Israel declares war on Palestine resulting in mass human tragedy.

3.) Multi-budget movies with superstars bomb at the box office both in Hollywood and bollywood.

2.) Terrorism raised its ugly head again with India facing the wrath of terrorists throughout the year.

1.) Himmesh Reshammiya once again tortured millions of people with his second movie Karzzzzz (The producer has still not been able to repay the loan)

So that was a rewind of the eventful 2008. What is in store for us in the year 2009 can only be predicted by eminent astrologers. However the year 2008 also saw a few good moments:

1.) Spain emerged as the Champions in Sports by winning Euro Cup ( Soccer), Wimbeldon ( Tennis) and the Davis Cup ( Tennis).

2.) India launched Chandrayaan successfully.

3.) USA witnessed history after Barack Obama became the first Black US President.

4.) Michael Phelps an American swimmer won 14 Olympic gold medals.

5.) India emerged as the bigwigs of cricket by launching their very own 20-20 franchise ->IPL.

I just hope and pray that this year each and every country will get lots of joy and happiness. At the same time hope that the terrorists are wiped out from the face of this earth.
With a war already started (Israel-Palestinian) and a blast on 1st January in Assam, I am really afraid what will happen in 2009. But let’s be optimistic and let’s be united.
Things to watch out for in year 2009:

1.) Will India-Pak conflict result into war?

2.) Will Israel agree for a cease fire?

3.) Will Salman Khan finally settle down in life and accept that he doesn’t know how to act?

4.) Will Obama prove to be the solution to the worlds’ problems?

- Archer Akshay

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The Himesh Reshammiya point was funnie:D