Saturday, December 6, 2008

Will the real Asif Zardari please stand up?

Mr Zardari has been making himself look foolish by asking India to show evidence of Pak citizens’ involvement and then putting guilty on trial in Pakistan, while he himself requested UN intervention to investigate murder of his wife. He himself does not trust Pakistan investigation agencies, but assuring justice to Mumbai terror attack victims. What co-operation we, India, can expect from him? His decision of first accepting the request made by India to send ISI chief to New Delhi and then reversing his decision on the pretext of ‘miscommunication’ is pitiful. His decision of not surrendering twenty most wanted personalities to India is indication that Pakistan is involved in Mumbai terror attacks.

~Vinamra Gharat


Archer Akshay said...

And it's all the more funny the way the Pakistani Govt was scared by a hoax call. lolz!!!! Zardari when will u grow up man and god knows who made this illiterate man the President?????

Aryan said...

Pakistan should be declared as a terrorist state and all ties with them should be ended.